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Publications in refereed journals (since 2000)

Wouter Vergote, Collusion in repeated auctions: a Simple Dynamic Mechanism, (2011), Economics Bulletin, 1, pp 714-721

Arastou Khatibi and Wouter Vergote, Trade Policy in the Face of Price and Non-Price Strategies, the Portugese economic Journal, (2011), forthcoming

Marco Marinucci and Wouter Vergote, Endogenous Network Formation in Patent Contests and its Role as a Barrier to Entry, (2010), forthcoming The Journal of Industrial Economics

Ana Mauleon, Vincent Vannetelbosch and Wouter Vergote, Von Neumann - Morgenstern Farsightedly Stable Sets in Two-Sided Matching,(2010) forthcoming Theoretical Economics

Gilles Grandjean, Ana Mauleon and Vincent Vannetelbosch, Connections among Farsighted Agents, (2010), forthcoming Journal of Public Economic Theory

Ana Mauleon, Jose-Jorge Sempere-Monerris and Vincent Vannetelbosch, Networks of Manufacturers and Retailers, (2010), forthcoming Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization

David Crainich, Hervé Leleu and Ana Mauleon, Hospital's activity-based financing system and manager-physician interaction, (2010), forthcoming The European Journal of Health Economics

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Bertrand Hamaide and Jack Sheerin, Species Protection from Current Reserves: Economic and Biological Consideratons, Spatial Issues and Policy Evaluation, (2010) Ecological Economics, forthcoming.

Mélissa Francois and Bertrand Hamaide, Certified Emission Reductions Weights for Improved CDM Projects, (2010), Environmental Policy and Governance, forthcoming.

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Jean-Christophe Defraigne, L'origine de la crise mondiale actuelle et les leçons à en tirer: une mise en perspective historique, in People Daily, Beijing, 4 Août 2010

Gingras Y. and Schinckus C., The Institutionalization of Econophysics in the shadow of physics\textquotedblright, (2010), forthcoming in Journal of the History of the Economic Thought.

Jovanovic F. and Schinckus C., The History of Econophysics' Emergence: a New Approach in Modern Financial Theory, (2010), forthcoming in Journal of History of Political Economy

Schinckus C., The Financial market as Communicative Arena: The importance of Communicative Rationality on Financial Markets, (2010), forthcoming in Journal of Economic and Social Research.

Bay Th. and Schinckus C., Critical Finance Studies: A manifesto for an interdisciplinary finance, (2010), forthcoming Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics.

Bay Th. and Schinckus C. (eds), Critical Finance Studies, (2010), forthcomong in the special issue of Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics.

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Contributions in Books, Theses, popular articles

Xavier Wauthy, “No free lunch sur le Web 2.0; ce qui cache la gratuité apparente des réseaux numériques”, Regards Economiques, 59, 2008.

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Research Reports

« TRAJECTOIRES ETUDIANTES A L’ENTREE DE L’ENSEIGNEMENT SUPERIEUR. Une analyse par cohorte avec une attention prioritaire aux déterminants et contraintes de nature sociale »  rapport de recherche 2003 remis au Fonds de la Recherche fondamentale collective d’initiative ministérielle (FRFC-IM, Ministère de l’éducation, de la Recherche et de la Formation), janvier 2004.

« Architecture d'une base de données  élèves», rapport final pour le Gouvernement de la Communauté française - Recherches en éducation, août 2004.