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Xavier Wauthy is Professor of Economics at the Facultés universitaires Saint-Louis, Brussels (Belgium). He is also permanent research fellow at CORE (UCL, Louvain-la-Neuve). His research interests range from Industrial Organization (with a special emphasis on oligopoly competition) to Spatial Economics (with a special emphasis on fiscal competition issues and regional development). He is also involved in various projects pertaining to the governance of higher education systems and the economics of intellectual property rights.

Contact Information
Phone: +32 2 211 7949
Fax: +32 2 211 7997
43 Blvd du Jardin Botanique
1000 Brussels, Belgium

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Current Appointments
Professor at FUSL


PhD, Université Catholique de Louvain (UCL)

Research Interests
Industrial Organization (with a special emphasis on oligopoly competition) and Spatial Economics (with a special emphasis on fiscal competition issues and regional development).


Principles of Economics,

Working Papers (Downloadable)
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Representative Publications
Ensuring quality provision through capacity regulation under price competition, with Nicolas Boccard, (2010), Berkeley Electronic Journal of Theoretical Economics, vol. 10,1 (Topics), article 47
On the Nature of Price competiton under Universal Service Obligation, with Axel Gautier, (2010), International Journal of Economic Theory, 6,3, pp. 311-326-
Market coverage and the nature of Differentiation: a note, (2010), Economics Bulletin, 30, 1129-1136
Equilibrium Vertical Differentiation in a Bertrand Model with Capacity Precommmitment, (2010), with Nicolas Boccard, International Journal of Industrial Organization, 28, pp. 288-297
Investment in Public Infrastructure and Tax Competition between Contiguous Regions (2009) with Carole Dembour, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 39, pp. 679-687
"Teaching vs Research: a Multi-Tasking Approach to Multi-Department Universities", (2007) with Axel Gautier, European Economic Review, 51, pp. 273-295
"Mencion de Calidad: Reducing Inefficiencies in Higher Education Markets when there are Network Externalities", (2006) with Elena Del Rey, Investigaciones Economicas, 30, pp. 89-115
 "Sales Restriction, Quality Choice and the Mode of Competition", (2006) with Nicolas Boccard, Manchester School of Economics, 74, pp 64-84
• "Should Governments Control Profit Shifting?", (2006), with Susana Peralta et Tanguy van Ypersele,  Journal of International Economics, 68, pp. 24-37
"Equilibrium Payoffs in a Bertrand-Edgeworth Model with Product Differentiation", (2006) with Nicolas Boccard, Economics Bulletin, 12 (11), pp. 1-8
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